We take our taste buds seriously.

At Raintree, quality has remained a founding principle since our humble beginning in 1979. Our history and experience enables us to continually source, manufacture, and present our selection of exquisite Teas, Coffees, and Confectioneries from around the world. Our customers trust Raintree, as taste is our passion, and quality is our principle.

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Summer Evening – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

Summer Evening is our favourite signature Tisane cocktail and it's beautifully fragrant cocktail that soothes, relaxes, and invigorates. Packed full of Vitamins, it provides a myriad of healthy benefits, such as aiding the digestive system & bowels, easing aches & pains and relieving stress and tension. A delicate beverage catered to soothe the mind, body and soul.

English Breakfast Tea – Loose Tea (BEST SELLING)

Presenting our Long Leaf English Breakfast Tea. Nothing quite gets you on your feet like a robust full-bodied tea with pleasant malty after tones. Traditionally this leaf tea was named for being paired with a hearty English Breakfast. Known for it's strength and character, English Breakfast Tea stands up easily whilst coupled with a dash of milk or cream, honey or sugar. Perfect with that morning toast.

Awesome Assam Tea – Loose Tea (BEST SELLING)

The Indian State of Assam is renowned as one of the best tea growing regions of the world, attributed to its lush tropical landscape with ideal conditions for tea growing. Assam tea has distinct malty notes and robust, liked by many tea lovers.

Royal Earl Grey Tea – Loose Tea

Nothing quite ignites your senses the way a cup of Earl Grey can. Delicately balancing the level of Bergamot with our hand picked Ceylon Black Tea, sipping a cup stimulates the palate and leaves you with an ambrosial experience.

Our Floral Infusions

Chill-Out Camomile – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

Camomile, a household name for daisy-like flowers derived from certain members of the Asteraceae family of plants, are dried and prepared as tea that is drank all over the world. It is a great sleep aid, due to its soothing properties, and is caffeine-free.

Lavender Dreams – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) flower buds are caffeine-free, known for it's signature refreshing fragrance. This tisane produces a soothing aromatic infusion. Research has shown that parts of the flower helps lower both cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In addition, lavender tea is popular for treating appetite loss, and soothes gastrointestinal pain.

Pure Lemon Verbena – Floral Tisanes Tea

One of our favourite Tisanes, Lemon Verbena provides a myriad of healthy benefits, such as aiding the digestive system bowels, easing aches pains, relieving stress & tension. The heightened usefulness comes from its anti-spasmodic and expectorant properties that also helps in healing acne, puffiness and cysts and also act as a hair tonic. Often favoured together with Mint, makes for a quick, caffeine free beverage after a long day.

Romantic Rose – Floral Tisane Tea

Our Rose flower-buds are hand picked right before they open, and are dried to retain nutritional benefits. A beautifully fragrant tisane that has a rosy aroma with sweet after tones. High concentration of Vitamin C, second to Rosehip, which far surpasses the levels in citrus fruits making it a great drink. Rose bud tea helps remove dark spots and neutralise acidic skin epidermal PH levels that cause breakouts. It also improves oily skin conditions and beautifying benefits for the skin.

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