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Neat Green Tea – Loose Tea

Our Premium Green Tea is of Pure Ceylon Gunpowder Green Tea which is of exceptionally good quality.  Each long leaf tea has been rolled tight into small round pellets, resembling grains of “gunpowder”, which upon being steeped in hot water will expand releasing its fragrant, slightly malty and nutty flavour.  Ceylon green tea is slightly darker in colour than most other origins of green tea, whilst still remaining sweet and light, characterising a good green tea. Green Tea is brewed differently than Black Tea, with lower temperature water and slightly shorter steep times.

Passion Fruit Tea (8 teabags)

Passionate from miles away, definitely not Passive with the things you Taste! Get a burst of our Passionate flavour, you'll want to burst out into song like Drake too!

Passionate Maracuja – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

With this succulent tropical inspired tea, one sip and you’ll be reaching for your dancing shoes! Truly a tea we couldn’t be more passionate about!

Peach Fruit Tea (8 teabags)

On some days, the scorching sun can be unforgiving. When it's hot outside, we can think of no better way to cool off other than a nice tall glass of our Peach Fruit Tea. Served on ice!

Peach Medley – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

Who loves Peach Tea? We do! This wonderful blend of our high grown long leaf black tea makes for the perfect peach tea. A nice dark amber coloured brew, it produces a sweet, pronounced peachy taste and finishing with a hint of pineapple.

Pina Cool Ladi-Da – Fruits & Floral Infusion Tea

Cool off to this classic refreshing coconut quench. This refreshing yet sweet blend is perfect on ice and is our favourite go-to infusion on a hot sunny day.

Pineapple Fruit Tea (8 teabags)

Be it if you're surrounded by Picturesque Palm Trees, seated outdoors, or at work! A sip of our Pineapple Tea does the trick. Ideally served on Ice, but also makes for a nice toasty beverage. Teleport your tastebuds now!

Pure Lemon Verbena – Floral Tisanes Tea

One of our favourite Tisanes, Lemon Verbena provides a myriad of healthy benefits, such as aiding the digestive system bowels, easing aches pains, relieving stress & tension. The heightened usefulness comes from its anti-spasmodic and expectorant properties that also helps in healing acne, puffiness and cysts and also act as a hair tonic. Often favoured together with Mint, makes for a quick, caffeine free beverage after a long day.

Romantic Rose – Floral Tisane Tea

Our Rose flower-buds are hand picked right before they open, and are dried to retain nutritional benefits. A beautifully fragrant tisane that has a rosy aroma with sweet after tones. High concentration of Vitamin C, second to Rosehip, which far surpasses the levels in citrus fruits making it a great drink. Rose bud tea helps remove dark spots and neutralise acidic skin epidermal PH levels that cause breakouts. It also improves oily skin conditions and beautifying benefits for the skin.

Royal Earl Grey Tea – Loose Tea

Nothing quite ignites your senses the way a cup of Earl Grey can. Delicately balancing the level of Bergamot with our hand picked Ceylon Black Tea, sipping a cup stimulates the palate and leaves you with an ambrosial experience.

Soothing Rosehips – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

Rosehips are the 'fruit' of the wild rose plant providing high levels of phenolic and flavonoid antioxidants. Just 10 grams of Rosehips provide up to 200 milligrams of Vitamin C and bioflavonoid antioxidants which neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals. It is also known to have both laxative and diuretic properties, which can help eliminate toxins, constipation, or a weakened immune system by relieving the load on the kidneys and liver. The carotenoids and flavonoids make rosehips a powerful pain reliever and it is also used as a herbal remedy for treatment of skin conditions, such as wrinkles, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, and acne. Preferably prepared with a hint of peppermint and sweetened with stevia, it makes for a healthy and fruity tea experience.

Spa Day Rejuvenate – Fruits & Floral Infusion Tea

Need a Spa Day? Look no further. The ultimate tisane for relaxation, aromatherapy and rejuvenation. A soothing blend filled with health essentials will appease the body and invigorate from within, you’ll be feeling radiant in no time.

Strawberry Fruit Tea (8 teabags)

Our Strawberry Tea provides you with a solid punch of strawberry flavour, and a pleasant amount of sweetness. A definite favourite for those yearning for a berry-rich experience!

Strawberry Sensation – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

We just gonna say it – we love Strawberries! So much, that we created this tisane with real strawberries that deliver a wave of awesome flavour with a zesty citrus finish. It produces a deep red colour, and smells so fresh, you’d think you plucked the strawberries yourself! In addition, the tisane contain high level of Vitamin C. Have it hot or cold. It's up to you!

Summer Evening – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

Summer Evening is our favourite signature Tisane cocktail and it's beautifully fragrant cocktail that soothes, relaxes, and invigorates. Packed full of Vitamins, it provides a myriad of healthy benefits, such as aiding the digestive system & bowels, easing aches & pains and relieving stress and tension. A delicate beverage catered to soothe the mind, body and soul.

Wintry Peppermint – Fruits and Floral Infusions Tea

Peppermint or Mentha piperita, is actually a hybrid of water mint and spearmint. Native to Europe, this herb has a higher menthol content than spearmint and delivers a cooling taste. With antispasmodic properties, it treats nausea and also reduces associated queasiness. Menthol is a natural decongestant, providing relief from sinus & colds. Ideally combined with lemon and honey for a soothing drink with a cool lingering aroma.