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Earl Grey Tea – Premium Tea

Nothing quite ignites your senses the way a cup of Earl Grey can. Delicately balancing the level of Bergamot with our hand picked Ceylon Black Tea, sipping a cup stimulates the palate and leaves you with an ambrosial experience. Made from 100% Premium Pure Ceylon Tea. 100 Days of Tea is the perfect way for anyone to experience Tea the Raintree way.

English Breakfast Tea – Premium Tea

Our Best Seller! Nothing quite gets you on your feet like a robust full-bodied tea with pleasant malty after tones. Traditionally this tea was named for being paired with a hearty English Breakfast. Known for it’s strength and character, English Breakfast Tea stands up easily whilst coupled with a dash of milk or cream, honey or sugar. Perfect with that hearty breakfast.

Coconut Fruit Tea (8 teabags)

Our Coconut Tea promises to deliver a delicate balance of creamy sweetness and smooth velvety notes. Don't be surprised if you find yourself sipping away with your eyes closed imagining a picturesque beach, sand and sun.

Mango Fruit Tea (8 teabags)

Our Mango Tea is a sweet, rich sensory experience. When you take the rich profile of Mango and toss it into a cup of Ceylon Black Tea, you get an amazing tea that is light, yet intense. Provides for a wonderful fruity experience served over ice, or hot!

Passion Fruit Tea (8 teabags)

Passionate from miles away, definitely not Passive with the things you Taste! Get a burst of our Passionate flavour, you'll want to burst out into song like Drake too!

Peach Fruit Tea (8 teabags)

On some days, the scorching sun can be unforgiving. When it's hot outside, we can think of no better way to cool off other than a nice tall glass of our Peach Fruit Tea. Served on ice!

Pineapple Fruit Tea (8 teabags)

Be it if you're surrounded by Picturesque Palm Trees, seated outdoors, or at work! A sip of our Pineapple Tea does the trick. Ideally served on Ice, but also makes for a nice toasty beverage. Teleport your tastebuds now!

Strawberry Fruit Tea (8 teabags)

Our Strawberry Tea provides you with a solid punch of strawberry flavour, and a pleasant amount of sweetness. A definite favourite for those yearning for a berry-rich experience!