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Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Our all time cookie best seller - rich, crispy, buttery cookies filled with our perfected Chocolate Hazelnut Cream recipe that'll leave you staring at the bottom of the bag! Don't blame us when you wonder why you didn't you buy that extra bag!

Macadamia Coffee Cream Filled Cookies

Deliciously decadent, our Macadamia Coffee Cream Cookies are a perfect match with a glass of milk before bedtime.

Mango Jam-Filled Cookies

Enjoy our delicious real Mango fruit filled cookies. Sophisticated, yet crunchy, these cookies make an excellent companion to your cup of tea.

Pineapple Jam-Filled Cookies

An elegant and popular festive choice, Pineapple made its way into our chunky cookies and have been a real favorite to those who are suckers for "Kuih Tart". Individually foil sealed once they leave the oven, we've locked in the taste and smell of baked goodness. Go ahead and tear one open!

Singapore Laksa Cookies

A Singapore souvenir gift box of exotic & spicy Singapore Laksa Cookies, approx 72 gm of hand-made, home-baked style Laksa cookies that is sure to entice your palate. Pack in an exclusively designed box with Singapore iconic prints. Each cookie is a little spicy, and has the unmistakable taste and flavour of your favourite bowl of Laksa found in Singapore! An authentic gift from Singapore.