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Kutsurogi Sencha Japanese Green Tea – Loose Tea

Sencha is a Japanese Tea that is cultivated in a slightly unorthodox procedure. Interesting, for a Tea that is so widely consumed daily in Japan. The tea leaves are steamed for near half a minute preventing further oxidation of the leaves after being harvested, before they are then rolled, and dried. This fantastic Green Tea will elevate your overall calories burned daily, making it a suitable element to a healthy diet regime. It also provides high amounts of antioxidants to reap healthy recovery and healing properties. Tasting notes are rich, fresh and soothing.

Neat Green Tea – Loose Tea

Our Premium Green Tea is of Pure Ceylon Gunpowder Green Tea which is of exceptionally good quality.  Each long leaf tea has been rolled tight into small round pellets, resembling grains of “gunpowder”, which upon being steeped in hot water will expand releasing its fragrant, slightly malty and nutty flavour.  Ceylon green tea is slightly darker in colour than most other origins of green tea, whilst still remaining sweet and light, characterising a good green tea. Green Tea is brewed differently than Black Tea, with lower temperature water and slightly shorter steep times.

Passionate Maracuja – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

With this succulent tropical inspired tea, one sip and you’ll be reaching for your dancing shoes! Truly a tea we couldn’t be more passionate about!