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Chocolate Covered Fruit – Pineapple – (100gm)

  • Real Pineapple Fruit Filling
  • Covered in Mouth Watering Chocolate
  • Net Wt 100gm
  • Overly Addictive
  • Likely always Sold Out!

Jungle Warfare – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

This fruit of tropics inspired tisane is a wildly explosive fruity experience! Don’t need to run for cover, but be careful as you might be battling to put down your cup!

Passionate Maracuja – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

With this succulent tropical inspired tea, one sip and you’ll be reaching for your dancing shoes! Truly a tea we couldn’t be more passionate about!

Peach Medley – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

Who loves Peach Tea? We do! This wonderful blend of our high grown long leaf black tea makes for the perfect peach tea. A nice dark amber coloured brew, it produces a sweet, pronounced peachy taste and finishing with a hint of pineapple.

Pineapple Fruit Tea (8 teabags)

Be it if you're surrounded by Picturesque Palm Trees, seated outdoors, or at work! A sip of our Pineapple Tea does the trick. Ideally served on Ice, but also makes for a nice toasty beverage. Teleport your tastebuds now!

Pineapple Jam-Filled Cookies

An elegant and popular festive choice, Pineapple made its way into our chunky cookies and have been a real favorite to those who are suckers for "Kuih Tart". Individually foil sealed once they leave the oven, we've locked in the taste and smell of baked goodness. Go ahead and tear one open!