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Green Tea – Premium Tea

Made from 100% Premium Pure Ceylon Green Tea. Our Ceylon Green Tea produces a slightly malty and nutty flavor, that is slightly darker in colour, whilst still remaining sweet and light, characterising a good green tea. Green Tea is brewed differently than Black Tea, with lower temperature water and slightly shorter steep times. 100 Days of Tea is the perfect way for anyone to experience Tea the Raintree way.

Jasmine Green Teabags – Premium Tea

Jasmine Green Tea is a scented tea that has its origins in the Fujian province of China. It is perfectly paired with oriental dishes, yet mesmerising on its own. All Jasmine Green Tea are brewed differently than Black Tea, with lower temperature water and slightly shorter steep times. 100 Days of Tea is the perfect way for anyone to experience Tea the Raintree way.

Awesome Assam Tea – Loose Tea (BEST SELLING)

The Indian State of Assam is renowned as one of the best tea growing regions of the world, attributed to its lush tropical landscape with ideal conditions for tea growing. Assam tea has distinct malty notes and robust, liked by many tea lovers.

Berry Madness – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

Our Berry Madness is a signature cocktail infusion that combines a myriad of healthy pickings to produce a burst of flavour and a berry-nice aroma. Steeping this infusion will delight you with a very rich citrus flavour and flowery after tones. Signified by it's strong red colour, creating an infusion to blend that perfect iced tea!

Bora Bora Aura – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

We couldn’t have named this sunny beach holiday inspired tea any better. One sip will make you feel the blue ocean water splash away the sand on your toes. Perfect when served on ice. Ingredients: Apple & pineapple pieces, sultanas, rosehips, and hibiscus flowers.

Chill-Out Camomile – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

Camomile, a household name for daisy-like flowers derived from certain members of the Asteraceae family of plants, are dried and prepared as tea that is drank all over the world. It is a great sleep aid, due to its soothing properties, and is caffeine-free.

English Breakfast Tea – Loose Tea (BEST SELLING)

Presenting our Long Leaf English Breakfast Tea. Nothing quite gets you on your feet like a robust full-bodied tea with pleasant malty after tones. Traditionally this leaf tea was named for being paired with a hearty English Breakfast. Known for it's strength and character, English Breakfast Tea stands up easily whilst coupled with a dash of milk or cream, honey or sugar. Perfect with that morning toast.

Himalayan Darjeeling – Loose Tea

Widely considered the "Champagne of teas," with a sweet, exquisite taste. It also possesses a subtle vegetal & floral profile with citrus-like flavours. Darjeeling black tea is less oxidised than a typical black tea and produces such unique flavour. This is due to the integration of its Chinese Camellia Sinensis strains mixed with specifics of Indian climate, harvesting and processing. This results in an intricately light black tea, that has more depth and complexity in its aroma and taste.

Jungle Warfare – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

This fruit of tropics inspired tisane is a wildly explosive fruity experience! Don’t need to run for cover, but be careful as you might be battling to put down your cup!

Kutsurogi Sencha Japanese Green Tea – Loose Tea

Sencha is a Japanese Tea that is cultivated in a slightly unorthodox procedure. Interesting, for a Tea that is so widely consumed daily in Japan. The tea leaves are steamed for near half a minute preventing further oxidation of the leaves after being harvested, before they are then rolled, and dried. This fantastic Green Tea will elevate your overall calories burned daily, making it a suitable element to a healthy diet regime. It also provides high amounts of antioxidants to reap healthy recovery and healing properties. Tasting notes are rich, fresh and soothing.

Lavender Dreams – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) flower buds are caffeine-free, known for it's signature refreshing fragrance. This tisane produces a soothing aromatic infusion. Research has shown that parts of the flower helps lower both cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In addition, lavender tea is popular for treating appetite loss, and soothes gastrointestinal pain.

Neat Green Tea – Loose Tea

Our Premium Green Tea is of Pure Ceylon Gunpowder Green Tea which is of exceptionally good quality.  Each long leaf tea has been rolled tight into small round pellets, resembling grains of “gunpowder”, which upon being steeped in hot water will expand releasing its fragrant, slightly malty and nutty flavour.  Ceylon green tea is slightly darker in colour than most other origins of green tea, whilst still remaining sweet and light, characterising a good green tea. Green Tea is brewed differently than Black Tea, with lower temperature water and slightly shorter steep times.

Passionate Maracuja – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

With this succulent tropical inspired tea, one sip and you’ll be reaching for your dancing shoes! Truly a tea we couldn’t be more passionate about!

Peach Medley – Fruits & Floral Infusions Tea

Who loves Peach Tea? We do! This wonderful blend of our high grown long leaf black tea makes for the perfect peach tea. A nice dark amber coloured brew, it produces a sweet, pronounced peachy taste and finishing with a hint of pineapple.

Pina Cool Ladi-Da – Fruits & Floral Infusion Tea

Cool off to this classic refreshing coconut quench. This refreshing yet sweet blend is perfect on ice and is our favourite go-to infusion on a hot sunny day.

Pure Lemon Verbena – Floral Tisanes Tea

One of our favourite Tisanes, Lemon Verbena provides a myriad of healthy benefits, such as aiding the digestive system bowels, easing aches pains, relieving stress & tension. The heightened usefulness comes from its anti-spasmodic and expectorant properties that also helps in healing acne, puffiness and cysts and also act as a hair tonic. Often favoured together with Mint, makes for a quick, caffeine free beverage after a long day.