100 Days of Tea – Darjeeling Teabags


Darjeeling Tea

  • 100% Pure Darjeeling Tea
  • Dual Chamber Teabags – better steeping
  • Your answer to a quick cup of Tea
  • Hot Water not included!

Ideally Served:

  • Perfect on its own, with a dash of milk or cream, and sugar or honey.

Optimal Steeping:

  • 1 Teabag per steep – 180ml Cup
  • Between 2-3 steeps per Teabag
  • 95°C – 100°C Water
  • 3-5 Minutes
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100% Pure Darjeeling Tea from the hilly estates of lesser Himalayas in West Bengal, India. Widely considered the “Champagne of teas,” with a sweet, exquisite taste. At the same time, it also possesses a subtle vegetal & floral profile with citrus flavors.

Darjeeling black tea is less oxidized than a typical black tea and produces such unique flavor. This is due to the integration of its Chinese Camelia sinensis strains mixed with specifics of Indian climate, harvesting and processing. This results in an intricately light black tea, that has more depth and complexity in its aroma and taste.

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