Premium Loose – Kutsurogi Sencha Japanese Green Tea


Japanese Sencha

  • 100% Pure Japanese Sencha Tea
  • Rich, fresh, with a long lasting bittersweet aftertaste
  • Perfect after a meal
  • 125 grams

Ideally served:

  • Perfect on its own – Hot or Iced

Optimal Steeping:

  • 2 teaspoons per 180ml cup
  • 80°C – 85°C water
  • 1-3 Minutes

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Sencha is a Japanese Tea that is cultivated in a slightly unorthodox procedure. Interesting, for a Tea that is so widely consumed daily in Japan. The tea leaves are steamed for near half a minute preventing further oxidation of the leaves after being harvested, before they are then rolled, and dried.

This fantastic Green Tea will elevate your overall calories burned daily, making it a suitable element to a healthy diet regime. It also provides high amounts of antioxidants to reap healthy recovery and healing properties.

Tasting notes are rich, fresh, and soothing.

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